The Creutz Lab is fully committed to providing an inclusive, supportive, and diverse environment for all students and researchers, including those from groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM. We absolutely do not tolerate hatred of any kind, including but not limited to sexism, racism, homophobia/transphobia, and xenophobia. The strength of our research program and of chemistry in general derives directly from having a group with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Students from underrepresented groups in chemistry are highly encouraged to get directly in touch with me ( if you have any questions or want to discuss opportunities for graduate studies, either at Mississippi State or elsewhere. Furthermore, funding for paid summer research opportunities for students from underrepresented groups is often available, and interested undergraduate and community college students are encouraged to get in touch at any time. No prior research experience is needed.

We fully endorse Mississippi State University’s Non-Discrimination Statement:

Mississippi State University is an equal opportunity institution.  Discrimination in university employment, programs, or activities based on race, color, ethnicity, sex, pregnancy, religion, national origin, disability, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic information, status as a U.S. veteran, or any other status protected by applicable law is prohibited.  Questions about equal opportunity programs or compliance should be directed to the Office of Compliance and Integrity, 56 Morgan Avenue, P.O. Box 6044, Mississippi State, MS, (662) 325-5839.

More information about our group’s outreach efforts will be added here as they develop. Meanwhile, we are actively interested in developing partnerships with community groups, schools, community colleges, and non-profit organizations to provide STEM outreach activities, presentations, and experiences, especially related to chemistry, alternative energy, and biomedical sciences. Any groups who have a need or interest in something of this sort are encouraged to get directly in touch (