SERMACS Fall 2021

Multiple lab members presented posters and talks at the Fall 2021 Southeastern Region Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Birmingham, AL.

Jaylan, Mu, and Ryan gave talks about their research. Baylee and Omri presented research posters. Congratulations to all!

8/4/2021: Undergrad Research Symposium

Brian and Shelby presented their undergrad research at the MS State Undergraduate Research Symposium!

8/1/2021: The group has been awarded an R15 AREA grant from the National Institutes of Health to pursue our research on bioinorganic manganese chemistry!

6/2021: Daniel’s paper on barium titanium sulfide nanorods is published in Chemistry of Materials!

Read it here:

10/2020: Jaylan and Zoe’s paper on iron complexes of redox-active pyrazine-based pincer ligands is published in Inorganic Chemistry!

Read it here:

5/2020: Funded by the NSF!

Our work on the synthesis of new nanomaterials has been selected for support by the NSF Division of Materials Research, Solid-State and Materials Chemistry program, for two years!

2/20/2020: Mississippi Academy of Sciences Poster Presentations

Ryan and Jaylan presented posters on their research at the Mississippi Academy of Sciences annual meeting in Biloxi. The first public presentation of our group’s work–well done!

10/2019: COBRE Pilot Project Grant Awarded
We have been selected to receive a pilot project grant from MSU’s NIH-COBRE Center on Pathogen-Host Interactions! This will support us for a year of preliminary studies on biomimetic manganese complexes relevant to the host-pathogen interactions and immunity.

10/13/2019: Our new glovebox was delivered and hoisted up to the 3rd floor!
Soon, all our major equipment (for now) will be up and running.

9/2019: Solvent purification system is delivered and hoisted up to the 3rd floor.
Unfortunately, it didn’t quite fit in the window. So we brought it back down, unboxed it, and (barely) fit it into the elevator.

The lab officially opens 7/1/2019!
We are recruiting undergraduate and graduate students, and looking for a postdoctoral researcher to join the group. See the Group Members page for more info. See announcement on the Chemistry Department web page: